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Saeedeh Delmoradi
Thanks to all the dear ones who worked hard to build this collection. You made a very memorable night for the children and all your kindness will remain forever in the minds of the angels. I wish happiness, success and happiness in every moment of your life from God. August 14, 2019
Saeedeh Delmoradi
Social activist and philanthropist
Ali Salehi
Education and learning is a serious field of loving to learn to fly to the purest new consciences, and definitely your faith and simple heart, dear ones, is a valuable symbol of these lovers and enthusiasts of the sanctity of education. I wish that time will treat you lovingly. Yours sincerely. July 20, 2019
Ali Salehi
Director General of Public Relations of Yazd Governorate
Dr. Seyed Hashem Mousavi Biouki
By chance and to our surprise, we found a beautiful playground here. The kids were very happy and so were we. We enjoyed tea in a calm and stress-free environment. good luck. 5 January 2020
Dr. Seyed Hashem Mousavi Biouki
Specialist in General Surgery